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Welcome to In this page you will find details on how to hire a content writer in Kenya – and take advantage of all the benefits that come with ThisTinyThing freelance writing services in Kenya.

Also, if you have any questions, you will find answers below. Some of the answers to frequently asked questions are already available in in-depth posts like the ones linked to below:

For answers on the types of content you can order from, there are two articles available with answers addressing the questions you may have.

The first article addresses the needs of those who want to hire academic writers.

The second article addresses the needs of individuals, organizations and businesses that want to hire a content writer to create blog posts and articles for their websites, blogs, email lists, magazines or newspapers.

What type of content can be written for you?

At writing services Kenya you can get articles and blog posts written for you to the quality you desire at very good rates.Freelance content writing service in Kenya by

You can also order content that can be used as free online course material (for example in the form of automated email sequences sent to the inbox of your subscribers using your preferred email autoresponder software/marketing service provider).

You can also pay to get an ebook written for you. To do this, you’ll choose a topic, word count, make payment and get the content created for you.

Once this is done, you can use the ebook as a free lead magnet (to entice your blog visitors to subscribe to your email list) or publish to the Kindle store (or online stores of any other ebook retailers) as a free book or one that costs a few dollars (shillings) per copy.

You can also get content for your ecommerce website: sales pages, product descriptions, service description, case studies, tutorials, how to guides, presentations (slides) and also content for your promotions, discounts and giveaways written for you.

If you are an editor or owner of a magazine or a newspaper (traditional, online only, national or local paper) and you like the content published on this website (including the samples), you can also hire to create content for your publication.

You can get written content that is fiction or non-fiction depending on the issues you want to communicate to your audience through your publication.

You can also get your speech, reports (if you have already gathered the data or information to be used) or transcripts (for your seminars, podcasts, videos, voice recordings) turned into well formatted text as well.

How to get started

If you have made up your mind to order content from Kenya (meaning you are fine with the freelancing rates here), send an email via the site’s contact form.

In it mention what type of content you want written (for example newspaper article, Kindle book, product description or blog post), topic for the piece to be written, word count, deadline and any other important detail you want taken into consideration during the writing phase of your project.

Once I receive your email (request to create content for you), I’ll get back in touch with you to further clarify things that you may want me to pay more attention to when working on your project/assignment (if there is need to).

You’ll then proceed to make payment. In Kenya, you can easily do this by sending the total amount via mobile payments services like Safaricom’s M-PESA or Airtel Money (I’ll communicate to you, via email, the details on how to finalize payment).

Note that you can also make payment using you card (VISA, MasterCard – like KCB Pepea debit card which you can top up using the funds in your M-PESA account, Discover, American Express etc.) or simply make payment via PayPal – or from any payment gateway that allows you transfer of funds to a PayPal account.

To make payments using your card or PayPal, go to this page on online shop to make payment.

Select your word count (the exact number of words you mention in the email you send me via the site’s contact form).

Click (or tap) Add to Cart then proceed to checkout.

Enter your card details (or login to your PayPal account) to complete the transaction.

Once I receive the funds, I’ll get to work and send you back the completed work within the agreed time-frame.

Who is the content writing service for? [Benefits of hiring] content writing service Kenya is for persons – individuals, businesses, SMEs, companies and organizations –  based in or outside Kenya who are interested in the services of a writer to give them content they can use to:

  • Educate their audience on a particular issue
  • Market and promote various ideas, products and services to their audiences (or a segment of a niche/market or industry they are a part of)
  • Promote their business, work, brand, personality to the people who may benefit from such (like customers, clients, employees, employers or people who make buying decisions in households and companies in different countries – like parents, CEOs, founders, board members)
  • Achieve the same (or even better) results they could get from paying for the services of a marketing company in Kenya, a digital agency in Kenya, content writing agency, virtual assistant service, inbound marketing company, search engine optimization and internet marketing companies charging hundreds of thousands of Kenyan Shillings or even millions for help with marketing / advertising – customer acquisition
  • To help prospects and their customers get as much useful information about what they do (provide) before they make any buying decision – including tips on how to get the most out of the services or products they pay for
  • Beef up their websites and blogs. The new content they pay for and publish on their sites can turn into a series of insightful posts that answer the questions prospects and customers may have – in essence turning their website (or blog) into a sort of a customer care agent available 24/7 to anyone with internet access – hence limiting the back and forth that often characterizes the initial relationship between an individual and a company that has not put in more effort into educating the public (consumers) about their products, services, benefits to paying for and using them, consumers’ rights and obligations etc.

Ready to hire to write content for you?

Proceed by sending the email with the details of things you want (type of content e.g. article or sales page, word count, deadline etc.) using this contact form.

If you are interested in the writing service and have any question, you can also use the same contact form to get in touch. Or send an email to

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